Trendy Hair Colours

Hair is the crowning glory of every human and one of the important parts of the body. It protects our head from direct sunlight and helps maintain temperature just enough for our brain to process properly. Mostly for women, hair color adds elegance to the crowning glory. Here are three wonderful hues that will definitely colour your life.

First up in our top list is the ombre hair color. It has been hitting the red carpet early this year and one girl who carried this hair color very well is the Victoria secret angel Lily Aldridge.


Next is the dip-dye hair color. Not just a trend for teens, dip-dye color — in which the ends are dipped in color, while the rest of the hair is left natural — is popping up on women (and men!) of all ages.

Last but not least is the Bronde or “brown blonde” color. If you can’t decide whether you want to go blonde or brunette, then this is the perfect shade; it was first made popular back in 2007 by supermodel Gisele Bundchen and remains popular into 2013.

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