Kérastase Couture Styling

Kérastase unveils its ultimate beauty gesture nearly 50 years after its creation. Couture Styling, the Kérastase revolution is a new opus, a daring ambition that invents glamorous, precise, liberated style for women who want it all, and most of all, assert their unique personalities through highly customized hairstyles with perfect finishes.

For the first time, Kérastase creates styling products that provides fusional hold and absolute freedom of movement for both natural sophisticated hairstyles. Innovative technology, light textures and desirable products come together with the personalized approach of the brand’s stylists and the creative energy of Luigi Murenu to usher in an artistically different approach to hairstyling. Kérastase has put its name on signature textures that will appeal to every woman. In perfect affinity with the hair, the new micro-film formula offers long-lasting style memory with absolute freedom of movement and cosmetic feel without compromising the hold. The new technology is delivered in a variety of surprising skincare-inspired textures featuring the subtlest notes of fine perfumery. All these combined, resulting in a couture range with a pleasant and easy application, high performance and a clean touch without residue.

The line is split into two categories: Construct, which is meant for towel-dried hair, and Finish, which you should only use on totally dry strands.

Discover the art of perfect hair with Couture Styling by Kerastase! Making hair the most seductive feature of a woman’s beauty.

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