Don’t Do the Split!

Split ends are not harmful to your general health but are an unsightly situation to your hair. The scientific name for them is Trichoptilosis, a longitudinal splitting of the hair fiber. There are several types of split ends:

  1. The generic end split
  2. Splits occurring multiple times up the same strand of hair
  3. A split occurring in the middle of the hair strand that will appear as a hole if the strand is bunched up.

Check your hair for split ends once awhile. If you discover that your ends are split, it is best to get your hair snipped immediately. The longer you wait, the longer the split would be and you end up having to trim off more length than you’d like.

 Hair SplitThere is actually no way to ‘cure’ split ends. The best advice we can give to you is that prevention is better than cure. Here are some things you can do to ensure your ends remain healthy and intact:

1. Do not brush your hair when it is wet. Wet hair stretches up to 25% and is most vulnerable. Use a wide tooth comb to gently de-tangle your hair, or simply finger comb it.

2. Give your coloured or permed hair the extra care it deserves. Use appropriate hair treatments and products. Schedule it for treatment at the salon for best care.

3. Heated appliances such as hair dryers and straightening irons can dry out your hair and make it brittle. Coat your hair by using a heat protecting hair care product like a spray, serum, mousse or cream before subjecting your strands to high temperatures from irons and dryers.

4. Allow your hair to dry naturally whenever possible.

5. Never rub your hair with a towel in order to get it to dry. Instead, blot gently to remove excess water.

6. Remember to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Your health and diet can affect your hair condition – a low fat diet can cause dull, dry hair which will split faster because there is not enough lubrication on the hair follicle.

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