DIY Hair Disaster

DIY Hair DisasterAnyone who has tried a DIY beauty treatment knows there is always the possibility of disaster: The color in a home box of dye doesn’t come out right every time; a flatiron can leave your hair crispy; and trimming your bangs might result in a scarily stubby fringe. People are waxing, trimming, and dyeing their hair at home in an effort to save money. The results aren’t always pretty for experts have seen an increase in botched do-it-yourself jobs. Here is a list of what’s safe to DIY and what’s best left to a pro.



  • Grooming your bangs.  If you are going to cut your own bangs, get a pair of salon scissors at a beauty-supply store. The ones you use to cut wrapping paper are too big and too dull. Trim your bangs when they’re dry, since wet hair doesn’t fall the same way. Separate your bangs into three sections. Twist each section in front of you and carefully snip off an eighth of an inch. Then brush them out and take a good look before you make another pass. Check out the perfect bang style for your face shape before cutting.
  • Dyeing grown-out roots. Swap typical at-home hair dye formulas for the newer foam versions. Their thick, mousse-like consistency is drip-free and makes saturating the hair evenly a breeze, so you won’t end up with weird streaks. Just don’t overload the brush with dye or it could drip down already colored strands.
  • Curling your hair. Prevent singed hair by spritzing on a thermal heat protecting spray before using a curling iron or flatiron, and resist the temptation to crank up the heat on the highest setting. Just be patient and go over it a few more times at a lower setting.

Though it sounds like an easy task, these are best LEFT TO A PRO:

  • Snipping ends. You can’t reach the back of your mane, and even with three mirrors, it’s tough to get it even.
  • A major hair-color change. You could accidentally dye your hair orange or black if you go more than two shades lighter or darker. With a pro, at a salon like ours, you get a free consultation to what’s suitable for you.

We suggest that when you are in doubt, always leave it to the pro. No doubt hair grows back, you don’t want to be repairing a damage that could cause you your hair (quite literally!).

Here’s a video of DIY hair dyeing mistake that you can learn some lesson from.


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