Couture Collection Couture Collection Couture Collection
This collection is inspired by the old Hollywood Glamorous Looks “Go where the glamour is” especially hairstyles on the Red Carpet. I have always wanted to create something Parisian influence, West End Musical and even Broadway that relates back in time. My love for travel have inspired me to recollect back many of this great looks into this Couture Collection especially I love arts and going to theatres and musical to get my inspiration.
Couture Collection Couture Collection

Romantic sexy hair combined with a vintage bohemian feel with classicism was seen in this collection. Looseness and with a hint of structure is what I really wanted to create for my collection.  The beauty of curls be it dressed up or even let loose will be forever the dream look amongst many. Braiding as I can see it will be hot especially for more runway looks and also making the effect more unique especially if tie right on the front hairline for that bold but modern impression. What stood out was the contrast of the beautiful location of Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge and the skyline of the New York scene from behind thus making Couture Collection old glamour with a twist.

Hair Styling & Concept Winnie Loo (Chief Creative Director of A Cut Above Salon @ Malaysia)
Make-up & Fashion Styling Faevien Yee (Creative Director of A Cut Above Salon @ Malaysia)
Photography Patrick T (Vancouver)
Model Tamara O @ Nadia Management NYC
Product sponsor 1976 NYC

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