2013’s Hottest at the EMMY Awards

The 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards is here to remind us of and honour the best in American primetime television on air from June 2012 to May 2013. Held on September 22, 2013 in the Nokia Theatre at the heart of Los Angeles, California, the Emmy’s didn’t fail to catch the attention not only of TV but also of fashion enthusiasts. The stunning parade of stars before, during, and even after the event earned the stars, as usual, judgment from the fashion world. Most got yays, and still, some got nays. We present you with our take of the trends currently showing in the gowns, hair, and makeup, from the 2013 Emmy’s:

  • Whether it’s royal, navy, pastel, or baby, blue unexpectedly made up a good percentage of the gowns paraded. Tina Fey and Zooey Deschanel are just two of the stars who chose to rock stunning blue dresses. Who would have thought blue would look so good flowing on the red carpet?
  • Ruffles and lace dominated the red carpet both as main material and accent. Much like the little black dress, ruffles and lace are truly classics that would never grow old.
  • Speaking of classics, gowns are significantly less bold and loud this year, as most stars stuck to simpler, plain-coloured, flowing silk numbers shouting nothing but pure elegance. Some of the stars who chose to light up the night with minimalist gowns were Rose Bryne and Taylor Schilling.
  • As for make-up, lips were as red as the carpet! Yes, dozens of stars made quite a statement with their stunning tomato red, Marilyn Monroe lips. To most, it topped off their royal elegance look. Christina Hendricks is just one of those who earned a spotlight because of her pristine black gown and red lips combo.
  • Goodbye smoky and say hello to shimmer! The shimmer eye make-up which first went viral on runways has just made its way to the red carpet. Allison Williams paraded a simple yet sophisticated look with her shimmer eyes and royal blue gown.
  • Straight is so out! Time to spill the curls and ride the waves, girls! The awards night surely shouted volume when it came to hairstyles. Some had their hair swept to the side, cut to a bob, or tucked at the back while still managing to flaunt perfect, tousled waves. Connie Briton relived the classic Hollywood side swept curls in what her stylist described as a classic Hollywood look but with a little “dishevelled elegance.”

And that’s the end of our EMMY fashion report.

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